We did it!

Jon Snow is dying, image captioned with "Do burpees they said. It won't kill you they said."

On Saturday, 18th February, 35 plucky volunteers busted a gut to do an amazing 4,971 burpees!

13 volunteers from KMG Scotland did 2,398 burpees.

10 volunteers from G-Cal Muay Thai did 760 burpees.

2 volunteers from The Arc did 160 burpees.

Well done everybody! You really are all superstars!

But the work isn’t over!

Please don’t forget that the reason for the Burpeethon was to raise much needed funds for Scottish Women’s Aid. They are the leading organisation in Scotland for campaigning against domestic abuse. It’s challenging work, and they need donations to keep it going.

The quick way tsponsor us is to visit: https://www.justgiving.com/companyteams/burpeethon2017

So far our team has raised £1,468.59, but we have the rest of the week to raise more!

We’re only £31.41 shy of £1,500.

Keep talking about your achievement on social media, and asking for sponsorship. Imagine if we could raise a pound for every burpee we did!

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