Burpeethon – It’s this week!

This Saturday will be the third and final chapter in our Burpeethon saga. Our heroes will gather at the Arc from 12.45pm-5pm to do battle with the burpees. Once slain, the resulting loot shall be distributed to Scottish Women’s Aid.

Unlike previous years, there will be no targets in mind. We’re just gathering to do as many burpees as we can, pushing ourselves to be our best, in order to collect sponsorship for Scottish Women’s Aid. Domestic abuse is still a part of our society; we have to bring it to light and bring it to an end. Scottish Women’s Aid, and their network of local Women’s Aid organisations can help do that but not without much-needed funding.

Poster for the 2017 Burpeethon

The money we raise through the Burpeethon can do a whole lot of good. You can support us by doing the following: 

How to help if you want to do burpees

How else you can help

  • Volunteer to help with counting burpees, taking photographs and videos, and managing social media. Register your interest using our form.
  • Spread the word about the Burpeethon! We can send posters to you to share at your work or gym. You can also share our posts on social media. We’re on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Donate resources. Are you a business that can donate water and bananas to us? Please get in touch!
  • Donate money! You can find all of our team at JustGiving.

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