Volunteer stories: Administrative support

Do you really really hate burpees, but still want to help with the Burpeethon? If you have a skill to offer, then we want you on board! Stephen, who has been volunteering with the Burpeethon since it was conceived, is always looking for people to help him with his role. You can read what he has to say below. 

Photograph of Stephen, with EmmaSo Hi!

I’m Stephen, and I deal with some of the other things that happen during the Burpeethon that don’t involve jumping up and down and getting dizzy

I help organise the sign in sheets and disclaimers. It’s always handy to know who’s turned up

I deal with the time keeping, setting the stopwatch for each session, giving updates to the timing so people can pace themselves, or push for the final minutes!

I play the music. Well, Spotify plays the music, I just add things to the playlist. Some works better than others, always looking for suggestions

I take some photos and videos. Admittedly not very good ones, but it’s easier than someone who isn’t jumping about does them. They’re slightly less blurry!

I try to keep the Twitter and Facebook updated on the day for the live listeners at home!

Most importantly, I do the overall tallies, I collate the individual tick sheets, for each participant, and tot up the scores on the computer. It would be handy to have a second set of eyes to go over them, after looking at so many, my eyes start doing things all on their own, but we get there in the end!

So if you fancy helping out, but not getting all hot and sticky, there are lots of other things that can be done, so feel free to get in touch. The more the merrier!

If you think you can help Stephen, then please sign up here!

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