Winding down the 2016 Burpeethon

Team Burpeethon 2016

Team Burpeethon 2016

It has been 24 days since the Burpeethon, and donations are starting to slow down … so I feel that it is time to wind up for the year.

We have managed to raise £1,940 for Scottish Women’s Aid. That is amazing, and something we could not have managed as individuals. I want to thank everybody who got involved, by taking part or donating. The Burpeethon only works when people join in. Donations can still be made at

We will be going back to the drawing board with the Burpeethon. The format needs a reboot to make it less intimidating and more appealing for newbies. News of the 2017 Burpeethon will start appearing from September 2016, but for now we are all taking a well-earned rest.

See you next year!


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