Burpeethon 2016

One day in Scotland, a group of volunteers got together to do a sponsored Burpeethon to raise funds for Scottish Women’s Aid.

Team Burpeethon 2016

Team Burpeethon 2016

On Saturday, 20th February 2016, sixteen amazing folk got together for a marathon session of burpees in order to raise funds for Scottish Women’s Aid. On the day, we were joined by five other folk who gave up a bit of their time to add to our grand total of burpees.

Our target was 20,000 burpees but with fewer participants than last year, and with only a third of the participants we needed, we carried on regardless and over four hours we completed a total of 10,603 burpees between us!

We had all sorts of folk join us on the day. There were folk who took part last year, and folk who had no idea what to expect. There were hardcore crossfitters, people in the early stages of getting fit, and folk who had never done burpees before in their lives. There were people who were long-term friends, and people who were complete strangers to each other. There were people there out to compete with their peers, and others who were there to compete with themselves. And there were people who feel strongly about the threat of domestic violence, and those who know the reality of it. Together we formed an amazing team, and we all did our best to face this physical challenge.

Everyone who took part and made this day so successful deserves a medal, but what they really need are donations. We did this to raise awareness and funds for Scottish Women’s Aid. As of today, we have reached 16% of our funding target. You can help us reach our goal by donating at:¬†https://www.justgiving.com/teams/20kburpees


One day in Scotland 33 women and 30 children and young people asked for refuge with Women’s Aid groups, but 9 women and 7 young people and children were turned away due to a shortage of suitable safe spaces.


On this same day, there were already 347 women and 331 children living in Women’s Aid refuges across Scotland. 789 women and 348 children were being supported by a Women’s Aid group. 95 women and 11 children made contact with a Women’s Aid group for the first time.

These aren’t just numbers, these are real people who face the very real threat of domestic violence, and they need our support. It is 2016, and it is long past time for domestic violence to come to an end and we all have a responsibility for doing so. Domestic violence should no longer be a dirty little secret, or something victims should be ashamed of. One way of helping is to donate to groups, like Scottish Women’s Aid, who have the expertise to support the victims and survivors of domestic abuse to reclaim their lives.

If you can, you can make a donation via https://www.justgiving.com/teams/20kburpees


One day in Scotland, domestic violence will not be tolerated.

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