Can you spare 30 minutes?

4eed0837a1f10f89114dd203b22a46a9Seventeen days to do, and we’ve reached the magic number of twenty participants! This means that each individual (only!) has to do an average of 1,000 burpees each.

Every burpee counts, so we are still looking for people to join us on the day. Can you spare 30 minutes to come in and do a few burpees? We have two massive targets – doing 20,000 burpees and raising £10,000 for Scottish Women’s Aid – and to reach them we need your help!

The Burpeethon is on Saturday, 20th February between 1pm and 5pm. If you can come along for even a short time to contribute, we would love to have you on our team! Send an e-mail to Emma-Jayne at if you are up for the challenge!

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